Thursday, October 28, 2010

beauty in the here & now

In relation to this post, I wanted to take a moment to count and appreciate the beautiful blessings that I enjoy in the present. A few lovely moments to share from this week...

...hearing my son tell his little brother "Good job, Owen!" after he'd been working hard on a puzzle.

...laughing with Ben over our math lesson the other day.

...listening to my child recounting our Bible stories with incredible detail.

...playing "Drown Your Cows" with Kyle on the milk run.

...listening to my daughter's happy crowing as she joins us at the dinner table.

...watching my son take second & third helpings of vegetables.

...seeing my baby grinning madly at her big brothers.

...hearing "These potatoes rock!" at dinnertime.

...seeing my kid give $.23 (what he had in his wallet) for Pastor Appreciation month after he heard about it in church.

...being treated to a lavish display of hugs one night by my sweet boys.

1 comment:

Mama said...

"Count your blessings, name them one by one". You've truly been blessed!