Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sugar-free "Sugar" Cookies

I have been itching to try this recipe for a week or two now, and yesterday Ben & I did it. The cookies are melt-in-your mouth delicious; they were a huge hit. They don't even need to be frosted, although I did find a frosting recipe that I like, and may try it in the future.

And they are fairly easy to make. I would recommend rolling out half of the dough at a time (maybe less) and refrigerating the portion you aren't using yet, because it gets soft pretty fast. Benjamin and I both had a lot of fun, and I will definitely be making these again!

Sugar-Free "Sugar" Cookies

1 ½ C. flour

¾ C. butter

¼ C. honey

* Combine flour and butter in food processor (or mixer) until fine. Drizzle in honey while pulsing until mixture pulls together. Roll out and cut into desired shapes with cookie cutters. Bake at 300 for 10-15 minutes. So good, you’ll never want to eat another cut-out cookie with sugar again! You can also add a flavor extract. Be creative! Almond extract, vanilla, cinnamon, lemon etc.

(***This recipe is from My Year Without. There are so many great ideas there!)
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Mama said...

Sounds delicious. I'm definitely going to try them. Thanks!

Rena said...

I'm really interested in all your food explorations! This recipe is so simple--I'll have to try it!