Friday, December 11, 2009

healthy peanut brittle

Yes, Virginia, there is a healthy way to make peanut brittle!

It's not all about the candy
. But very same week that I posted my plea for a corn syrup-free peanut brittle recipe, one of my favorite bloggers answered my cries. Not that I have any reason to think that she reads my blog. In fact, I'd be surprised to hear that she does. Nevertheless, the timely answer thrilled me down to my toes.

Ultimately unable to wait for my weekend grocery shopping trip, I ventured out yesterday and bought some more peanuts. I was dying to try this recipe. And this morning, I did.

It takes a bit of time (you must stay at the stove to stir constantly), as candy-making often does, but it was quite easy. And best of all, it has a stellar list of ingredients. Not so much as a drop of corn syrup, refined sugar, or other unsavory stuff. I am tickled pink, I tell you.

And I assure you, it's been a big hit around here today. I love it, and my boys are wild for it. In fact, Kyle told me that he likes this peanut brittle "better than Halloween candy." Score one for this beaming mama!

To view the recipe in all its glory, head over to Passionate Homemaking by clicking HERE.

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