Friday, May 18, 2012

I almost went out today.

I almost went out today.  I had a chance to, you see.  Jeff's parents had taken my four oldest blessings on an adventure for the afternoon.  Jeff had begun a long weekend away - nothing dramatic, just the climax of several months of overwork and stress at the office.  I found myself alone with my baby on a sunny, pleasant afternoon.

It was tempting.  I loved the thought of strolling down the sidewalk with my baby in the sling, stopping in the children's resale shop, swinging by the library to pick up a book.  In many ways I wanted to do just that.

But Gabe was fussy and I had several projects I'd been itching to work on.  There was dough souring to make muffins. And I have a babysitter coming in the morning so that I can still make my hair appointment, and I have a little extra time built in there.  So instead of going out, I cuddled my baby until naptime.  After he was asleep I tackled my projects, dug myself out of a couple of mountains' worth of laundry, and tackled another project.

So instead of going out, I stayed home.  And when my baby awoke after a gloriously long nap (I do not take those for granted!)...

 I felt rather refreshed, myself.  Even without going out.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

mother's day this year

In my home, Mother's Day this year began early.  It started with the usual the-baby-spat-up-in-bed-and-is-now-up-for-the-day, just before six o'clock.  Right on schedule.  No exception on Mother's Day.

But shortly after that, my day took a dramatic turn for the better.  I won't give you the blow by blow, but I will give you the highlights.

~A half an hour of complete and utter solitude in the bathroom.  Priceless.

~Breakfast prepared for the family by Jeff.  He even included some of the Sourdough English Muffins I'd made on Friday (my new obsession).  Everything was delicious!

~A collection of precious cards, presented with beaming smiles and a hug which literally took my breath away for a few seconds.  So precious.

~My husband took the kids to church with him (we drive separately because my husband goes a bit early and stays late.  He'll often take some of them, but today he took all of them along.  This gave me a good 40 minutes of leisure time.  I chose to take a my new book outside and read in the sunshine.  It. Was. Glorious. So relaxing!

~A stunningly beautiful day.  Thank you, Lord!

~Lunch out.  Bacon cheeseburger with caramelized onions.  'Nough said.

~An afternoon outside enjoying the gorgeous summer-like weather.  Bathing suits, running through the sprinkler.  Checking the garden, soaking up the sun.  Popsicles.  Heavenly!

To be honest, each year I try to go into this day with fairly low expectations.  Then when my clothes get urped on right off the bat...when I find myself up to my elbows in a diaper blow-out...when regular life threatens to mar the shiny, polished, idealized Dream of a Perfect Mother's Day - well, it's easier to keep perspective.  This year my day was a lovely gift, but also a reminder to find the moments of undeniable beauty in our crazy, "typical" life.

I am blessed.

I hope all of you had a pleasant day - whether you are a mother or not!