Sunday, May 13, 2012

mother's day this year

In my home, Mother's Day this year began early.  It started with the usual the-baby-spat-up-in-bed-and-is-now-up-for-the-day, just before six o'clock.  Right on schedule.  No exception on Mother's Day.

But shortly after that, my day took a dramatic turn for the better.  I won't give you the blow by blow, but I will give you the highlights.

~A half an hour of complete and utter solitude in the bathroom.  Priceless.

~Breakfast prepared for the family by Jeff.  He even included some of the Sourdough English Muffins I'd made on Friday (my new obsession).  Everything was delicious!

~A collection of precious cards, presented with beaming smiles and a hug which literally took my breath away for a few seconds.  So precious.

~My husband took the kids to church with him (we drive separately because my husband goes a bit early and stays late.  He'll often take some of them, but today he took all of them along.  This gave me a good 40 minutes of leisure time.  I chose to take a my new book outside and read in the sunshine.  It. Was. Glorious. So relaxing!

~A stunningly beautiful day.  Thank you, Lord!

~Lunch out.  Bacon cheeseburger with caramelized onions.  'Nough said.

~An afternoon outside enjoying the gorgeous summer-like weather.  Bathing suits, running through the sprinkler.  Checking the garden, soaking up the sun.  Popsicles.  Heavenly!

To be honest, each year I try to go into this day with fairly low expectations.  Then when my clothes get urped on right off the bat...when I find myself up to my elbows in a diaper blow-out...when regular life threatens to mar the shiny, polished, idealized Dream of a Perfect Mother's Day - well, it's easier to keep perspective.  This year my day was a lovely gift, but also a reminder to find the moments of undeniable beauty in our crazy, "typical" life.

I am blessed.

I hope all of you had a pleasant day - whether you are a mother or not!

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Rena said...

What a wonderful day. You deserve it!