Friday, May 18, 2012

I almost went out today.

I almost went out today.  I had a chance to, you see.  Jeff's parents had taken my four oldest blessings on an adventure for the afternoon.  Jeff had begun a long weekend away - nothing dramatic, just the climax of several months of overwork and stress at the office.  I found myself alone with my baby on a sunny, pleasant afternoon.

It was tempting.  I loved the thought of strolling down the sidewalk with my baby in the sling, stopping in the children's resale shop, swinging by the library to pick up a book.  In many ways I wanted to do just that.

But Gabe was fussy and I had several projects I'd been itching to work on.  There was dough souring to make muffins. And I have a babysitter coming in the morning so that I can still make my hair appointment, and I have a little extra time built in there.  So instead of going out, I cuddled my baby until naptime.  After he was asleep I tackled my projects, dug myself out of a couple of mountains' worth of laundry, and tackled another project.

So instead of going out, I stayed home.  And when my baby awoke after a gloriously long nap (I do not take those for granted!)...

 I felt rather refreshed, myself.  Even without going out.

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Jill Foley said...

I dream of time alone in my house. Sounds like you had a great day!