Monday, December 21, 2009

"Not me!" Monday

Welcome to another Monday, which of course means another installment of "Not me" Monday. This is our chance to make our confessions, air our dirty laundry, and generally get things off our chests. Check out what MckMama over at My Charming Kids has been up to...she's the one who started all this!

I never leave a basket or two of clean, folded laundry sitting around for several days on end before I get around to putting the clothes away. Nope, not me! I am nothing if not on top of things around here. I never find myself scrambling at the end of the day, when one child or another comes to me with the words "I can't find any pajama pants," or "I don't have any clean underwear in my drawer." Absolutely not.

Jeff and I absolutely didn't go shopping for house stuff again this weekend. No way! We aren't excitedly planning for our new home at all. And I definitely wouldn't be thrilled with the shelves we bought for homeschooling supplies.

And after we didn't go shopping, we certainly didn't go eat at a place that "is kind of a sports bar," where I was amazed after Jeff counted 35 televisions positioned around the room. Because, as a decidedly non-sports fan, whatever would I be doing in a place like that?

I definitely didn't sit through the entire Sunday sermon while running a circle around my belly, hoping to entice my unborn child to get his sweet little head down. Nope. I'm not anxious about his position. At. All.

Certainly didn't miss blogging about my firstborn's birthday. I would never let two days go by before noting, in the blogosphere, the day of my child's birth. And definitely wouldn't let a little thing like a photo upload hold me back.

This year for Ben's birthday, I positively did not bow to stress, and make a cake chock-full of (and topped with) all sorts of unhealthy things. No, not me! I am always true to my principles, and I would never do something like that. Also, when shaping the cake into the Transformer Optimus Prime, I did not nibble on it so much that I gave myself a stomachache. Because I know better.

When typing Optimus Prime for the above paragraph, I for sure didn't accidentally type "Optimus Prince." That would just be totally bizarre...


Rena said...

Another funny bunch of 'confessions'. I do that with laundry, too. Except I leave it in the dryer and fish out what I need until I can't stand it anymore. Is that lazy, or what?
Turn baby, turn! Katya turned the 39th week. Unfortunately, she turned the wrong direction, but my point is that they can still turn clear up to nearly the end. Is drawing circles supposed to help?

Mindy said...

Yeah, if you rub in a certain direction, they say it can induce (what a word!) the baby to move in that direction.

Little Bit has been trying out all sorts of interesting positions since I wrote that post. I wish s/he'd just settle head down! Maybe that's a surprise God is planning for Christmas...?