Monday, December 14, 2009

"Not me!" Monday

Monday greetings to you! It's time for another edition of "Not me!" Monday, the blog carnival originated and perpetuated by MckMama over at My Charming Kids. I encourage you to hop, skip, and jump over there for a refreshing look at life and parenting.

I absolutely haven't found myself dreaming about the cruise lately. My nighttime endeavors are much more wisely chosen than that. And in the midst of this busy season, when I'm preparing for Christmas on the one hand, a Transformers birthday party on the other, and less than a mere four weeks from moving, I definitely have better things to do with my mind than re-live our seven days of luxury. For sure.

Speaking of the move, I certainly don't find packing very fulfilling work these days. I take no pleasure in the steadily growing stacks of boxes. None at all.

After a very busy Saturday, I wasn't a teensy bit relieved to learn that our Sunday church service was canceled due to icy conditions. Because I truly love our church, so I would never be relieved to be able to stay home with my family, cozy and warm, on a cold and icy day.

Subsequently, I wasn't at all thrilled that the ice eventually melted, and we were able to go visit the new house in the afternoon. Also, I didn't get completely giddy at the still-boxed appliances. So, you can be sure that I didn't kiss the dishwasher box or anything...

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