Friday, September 16, 2011

you might be in the third trimester if...

...the mere thought of bathing your toddler makes your back ache.

...a glass of water can give you heartburn. cannot read any of the Chronicles of Narnia books aloud to your boys without getting choked up. are fairly obsessed with birth stories. leave a ladies' brunch, go home, and proceed make yourself half a sandwich. often feel that you'd gladly give your right pinky toe for a glass of orange juice.'re excited to see autumn arrive, because summer clothes no longer flatter your figure.

...everything sounds good to eat, but at mealtime you have very little appetite. find yourself physically unable to exit your vehicle in a crowded parking lot....because the door won't open far enough without hitting another car.

...watching "Baby Story" on television makes you sad.

...your children try to sit on your lap, and are disconcerted by how little space is available. think about chocolate...a lot.

...the chronically chaotic state of your children's playroom makes you cry.

...realizing that you forgot to do the one thing your husband asked of you this week makes you cry.

...having your eyeglasses knocked off by a large rubber ball makes you cry. fantasize about sleeping on your back. lay down to fantasize about the coming babymoon, but fall asleep too soon. avoid sitting on the floor if there's even the slimmest chance you might need to stand up again soon. spend a lot of time planning which desserts you'll make next.

...the fact that your midwife is happy with the amount of weight you've gained endears her to you forever.

...tiny baby hiccups are among your very favorite things.


Mama said...

Enjoyable reading. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

paige said...

Awwwww!! I might be in the third trimester! I've been cryin' a lot lately too... ;)

Ami said...

Still crying (though not as often) in the 4th tri. :)

Kristin said...

I'm not in the third trimester (or pregnant at all, for that matter), but I remember feeling almost all of those things!