Saturday, February 25, 2012

average, ordinary, everyday

This is a surprise guest post by Jeff, Mindy's husband.

In this world of television and internet news where fame and celebrity can travel fast, sometimes the rest of us think our lives are mundane.

In a world where we celebrate the entrepreneurs and the risk-takers, average Joes seem to get lost in the shuffle.

But I would like to suggest that sometimes the most heroic and courageous people aren't the ones in the headlines one day and gone the next. They are the people who get up day after day and do what's needed over and over again. They make sacrifices for their families or friends... every day

And I believe my wife is one of these people.

She's not flashy, but she's the most beautiful person in the world to me. She gives up exercise to spend a little time laying on the floor talking with Gabe. She reads books one page at a time, between household chores because she doesn't have the time to sit down most days. She makes our home a sanctuary. It may not be tidy by some people's standards, but when I walk into our house after a long day at work, I know I'm home. And she is the best sight in the world, coming to welcome me with a smile into a place full of energy and noise and love.

She's not a gourmet, but she's an Iron Chef in my book. Her tenacious search for real food that will fit our budget and nourish our bodies amazes me. And while she may not consider her meals gourmet, they are always fixed with love and care. Every Day! Not just once a week, or once a month, but everyday. This is the kind of love and courage that doesn't take weekends off.

She's not a leader of many, but she has already left an indelible mark on the next generation. She's naturally quiet and often feels she is not equipped for the calling of being a homeschooling homemaking wife of an elder. Aren't we all ill-equipped in some form or another for the calling God has placed on our lives? That leaves room for God's amazing providence. Mindy's dogged determination and reliance on God's strength when she is weak has resulted in some amazing children, if I do say so myself. They're not perfect, but her perseverance in discipline and love have taught them boundaries, courtesy and in the case of our oldest a new found work ethic that pleases both him and his parents.  Mindy's commitment to teaching our children to love God and follow him will leave a lasting legacy.

So I'd like to replace the adjectives of average, ordinary and everyday with consistent, loyal and dependable.

Do you have a mind numbing commute everyday to work at a job that provides for your family? Do you feel tied down by your responsibilities at home and long for freedom from the everyday chores that seem to go unnoticed most of the time? It's hard, but I believe that it's the average, ordinary, everyday consistent, loyal, dependable people that are the backbone of our society. Their discipline and reliability provide not only for their families but for their communities.

So thank you! To all the average Janes and Joes out there who do what needs to be done everyday, whether they feel like it or not.

And a special thank you to Mindy. You are my hero. And nothing you do is average or ordinary to me.

I love you, Mindy.

A note for the reader: thanks for indulging in this little tribute to my wife. She's an amazing woman, but she's good at hiding it. :D


Courtney said...

How sweet is that!

I Am Not Superwoman said...

That comment was really from me, Jenn, Courtney used my computer last and I didnt realize she was still logged into blogger.

Georgia said...

That is beautiful and all too true it is the loyal and hardworking amongst us that keep the world going round not the celebrities and singers who really contribute nothing !!!!


Mama said...

That was so sweet, Jeff. I know she's truly amazing, and you are too. God bless you both.

Steve and Corrine Isom said...

A fitting tribute for a very beautiful and wonderful Proverbs 31 woman! Jeff, I think that you really married a wonderful woman, just like your "old man".