Saturday, December 7, 2013

I stink.

As a blogger, I mean.  Two months since my last post?  This may be the longest silence my poor blog has ever endured.  And if there's anyone out there who still cares about, much less remembers my little blog...well, God bless you.

I could say I've been busy, but the fact of the matter is that I simply haven't felt like writing.  Not really, anyway.  Sometimes I'll have ideas, or compose little snips of things in my head, but as far as sitting down and putting words on the screen?  I just didn't wanna.   So there you have it, the best explanation I can come up with, the reason why I haven't been blogging?

I stink.

But here's the thing that's always appealed to me about blogging, at least the kind that I do: I am my own boss.  If I am busy, out of ideas or simply don't feel like doing it, I don't have to.  There are no deadlines, no bosses, no stress.  Easy peasy.  And when those creative juices start to flow, when I start to get the urge, I can hop back on and pick up where I left off - assuming I still have any readers out there.

Readers or not though, it's a good outlet for me.  A chance for me to hash things out, focus my thoughts, maybe even get creative here and there.

So here's to blogging, the lazy way. The flakey way.  My way, apparently.

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steve and corrine said...

Glad you are back. Missed these!