Wednesday, July 1, 2009

prelude to a vacation

Tomorrow we'll be hitting the road!

It's time for the annual July 4th family reunion, which we all love so much. To my knowledge, it's always, always been in central Oregon. But this year? We're hitting the beach! Central Oregon is lovely, but I am so excited about feeling some sand between my toes again. It's been way too long!

But first things first. Packing.

I've got the boys almost completely packed - minus toothbrushes and sleeping bags. Likewise for my own things. Jeff will take care of his suitcase himself. It's the miscellaneous stuff that's still hanging over my head: food, beach toys, sunscreen.

Today has been filled with additional preparations: cooking the beans for the dish I'm contributing to dinner Thursday night, making cookies to take along, finalizing my list of food items, cutting carrot sticks, making another batch of homemade deodorant (not specifically for vacation, I was just nearly out), getting all washed baby wipes ready to roll with our supply of diapers.

The boys are super excited about this trip - they are true beach bums. Benjamin has his personal backpack jam-packed with toys, CDs, etc. We have pirate music to listen to en route, as well as beach and pirate books. I think we're nearly ready to roll.

The place where we'll be staying does have internet access, and we're planning to bring the laptop along. So I just may treat you with some pics of the fun while we're still there! I make no promises, though. The first order of business is fun, family, and fellowship.

We are so blessed in the extended family God has given us. Every year we're reminded anew just what a great group of people to whom he's linked us. I know this year will be memorable as always!

Just gotta finish packing first...

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California Isoms said...

Good for you for being so organized! Have a great time! Look forward to seeing the pictures whenever you can post.