Monday, August 31, 2009

"Not me!" Monday

Here' we are, at the start of another week, which brings us (usually) to "Not me!"Monday, the cathartic blog carnival started by the one and only MckMama. MckMama is not doing a "Not me!" post today at My Charming Kids, but I encourage you to hop over there all the same. Her blog is a delight to the eye and to the spirit.

I thought I'd let you know that you should not expect a "Not me!" post from me next Monday, on Labor Day. We will be out of state visiting family, and well...I just don't see it happening. I'm sure you'll all survive somehow.

I absolutely was not deep in a phone conversation last week, when, deciding I should look into Owen's whereabouts, found him standing on the top bunk of his brothers' beds. Nope, not me! I supervise my child much better than that.

So of course I would never discover him trying to put an "As Time Goes By" DVD into his brothers' CD player.

Likewise, I never allow it to possible that he would play in the toilet water. A tender 17-month-old instinctively understands that toilet water is icky. Therefore, I always make sure that all bathroom doors are shut tight...or lacking that, that there is a cinder block resting atop the lid. I keep that room like Fort Knox. Owen never comes to me holding out wet fingertips, voicing something akin to "whazzis?"

While my husband was gone last weekend, I definitely did not decide to wiggle my pregnant self, snake-like, under Kyle's bed. I would never be so desperate to be reunited with my favorite books. No way! Not me! It would be totally undignified to perform an act like that, and a pregnant women is, above all things, dignified. At all times. Especially during the transition stage of labor.

And last of all, I absolutely did not work myself into such a state of expectant anticipation of popcorn and an epic movie the other night, that I nearly cried when my 3-year-old came out of his bedroom with the announcement that he had a problem of a rather...personal nature. Definitely not. I am never fazed by interruptions, and my children's bathroom incidents always trump a silly old film. Even if it does involve popcorn.

What about you? What have you not been doing this week?

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Searching for God in the everyday said...

Wow! Owen on the top bunk?? Good for him... I think? =) And the toilet! That's hysterical. Maybe he was trying to cool off? =) Glad you're back doing the Not Me Monday's (even if it is already Thursday and I'm just now reading them)!