Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So, I've been trying to concentrate on eating more protein. Fewer carbs. I've got some baby weight I'd like to lose.

No...not that kind of baby weight. But you know what I mean.

And yet, in my quest to eat more protein and less carbs... rather looks like a case of self-sabotage.

A spiffy new Bosch mixer is not a friend to weight loss. But the result certainly are yummy!


Rena said...

Protein is good.
So, I see you're using a Moby Wrap! How do you like it compared to a sling? I loved the Moby I used with Tobiah.

Mama said...

You look great for having just given birth! Looks like you've been baking up a storm, but it's healthy stuff! Looks yummy.

Deb said...

so... I'd really like to konw if these items will be making it to the reunion? Not these EXACT.. but maybe some just like them? Yummy! :-)

Mindy said...

Rena - I love the Moby, but Elise is not convinced. I'm hoping she'll come along though. My biggest gripe with the Moby Wrap is that, after it's been rejected (as all babywearing devices seem to be, sooner rather than later), there's so much fabric to deal with, instead of just whipping the pouch sling off...

Deb - Possibly...very possibly. :)