Thursday, April 8, 2010

10 things I love about my boy: Ben

1) The way he walks Owen from the van into church when I ask him to.

2) How he encourages his younger brother to try new foods.

3) His enthusiasm for soccer.

4) What a talented Lego-builder he's become.

5) The fact that he has a soft spot for babies.

6) He does his chores without complaining...most of the time.

7) How well he and Kyle play superheroes together.

8) His appreciation of an organized room, even if he doesn't seem to think maintaining that organization worthwhile.

9) The way his eyes shine when he knows he's getting the math lesson.

10) The fact that he loves being read to from the Word of God!


Deb said...

Hey there! We have a pile of letters for you but I can't find your new address... could you e-mail it so maybe we could be off the lame-o pen pal list and on to the good pen pal list? :-) Thanks! We'll try to do better!

Mindy said...

Sure, Deb!

Mama said...

Ben is growing up so fast! He is special in a lot of ways and so sweet. We love him.

Searching for God in the everyday said...

I can't believe how grown up he looks in this picture. It wasn't THAT long ago that we saw you guys. He sounds like a sweet boy.

steve and corrine said...

Two things we love about our grandson, Ben
1. We love Ben's smile and his "joie de vivre" attitude about life.
2. The Big Brother Act. He has really grown up so quickly with the addition of the younger siblings! He seems to really enjoy being the big brother!!