Sunday, December 5, 2010

10 good things to know about Owen

1) His new catch-phrase is "That gonna be fun!"

2) He has a fairly insatiable appetite for fruit.

3) He's very fond of his baby sister, though they rarely share an opinion on meaning of the word "fun."

4) He loves to sing his signature song, "Wah-Wah Day." No one has any idea what it means, but for Owen, it's what singing is all about.

5) He's so good at bedtime. Once we tuck him in, we never hear from him again until morning. He's been like this for ages...

6) He is now old enough for Sunday school, and he is so pleased & excited to go to his class every Sunday. Big boy!

7) He seems to have an imaginary friend. For months he's said things like "Where Dohda?" and "Dohda here, Mom." I had no idea what he was talking about, but recently I noticed him saying "No Dohda, no!" and "Dohda want take my Legos." When questioned, he revealed that Dohda is green. Also, he likes Dohda. So that's good...we've never had an imaginary personage in our home before, so this is totally new to us!

8) He doesn't nap anymore. (*sob*)

Well, except for the fact that about once a month I find him like this...

9) This boy would put together puzzles until the cows come home. Preferably puzzles with cows on them.

10) He's very fond of dogs, but whenever he pretends to be an animal, he always, always picks a "horsie."


Joy said...

Great list (and picture)!
Bonus: Is a March '08 kid!

Mama said...

We sure do love that little guy. He's so precious and adorable.

steve and corrine said...

Love #8 and the picture! Can't wait to meet "Dohda"