Wednesday, November 9, 2011

mama's trauma

Alright, so it wasn't really trauma. But it felt like a big decision. And I had definite butterflies in my stomach during the days leading up to it.

What could it be, you ask? Why, only my daughter's very first haircut.

My friend Erin came over. She gives great haircuts. I wasn't at all worried about her skill. Only the fact that we'd be losing some of the length we've fought so hard to achieve here.

So we only took a little bit off. Just a trim, to even up the ends. Besides, I'm told that a child's hair will come in more thickly when it's been trimmed.

Elise amused herself by playing with some jewelry I had provided for that purpose, and spraying herself in the face with water. She was a pro!
And here is the end result. We really didn't take much off...and Erin, as always, did a fantastic job.

As for my butterflies, they've calmed down. And happily, a ponytail is still entirely possible. Yay for that!


Joy said...

Looks like a lot of little ones are getting their first trims, Liam's was Tuesday.

Mama said...

Looks very cute! Elise is getting so big! I'm proud of her for being so good for her first haircut.

Deb said...

Oh Mindy I know how you feel! But I promise that it does grow in fuller and faster! My Haley is living proof! lol Elise looks so cute!

Anonymous said...

hey i love reading your blog :) its amazingly inspiring and imformative x

god bless
love from georgia