Monday, November 28, 2011

a few random things

I love my red dishes. They make me happy.

It has occurred to me that I neglected to follow up on the washing machine drama. Thankfully, by Wednesday afternoon, all was repaired. I have never in my life been so happy to do laundry! It was a tiny little lesson in not taking things - things like working appliances - for granted. I was all caught up on laundry by the next afternoon, which was a good thing, because...

...the next day Jeff and I took a short vacation to Portland and attended a Weekend to Remember marriage conference. This was our fourth time to go to a Weekend to Remember conference. I love that, even after this many times, we always come at the material from a slightly different place in life. This time in particular, I walked away entirely refreshed and encouraged. I'm so thankful for my husband and his passion for our marriage - as well as wonderful parents-in-law who are willing to watch our four children while we're away.

Thanksgiving was great. Exhausting, but great. I'm glad it's over, but even more glad that I scored seven cups of leftover turkey, as well as a turkey carcass (and all I did was bake two pies). Yes! I can hardly wait to make my first turkey stock.

We put up our Christmas decor last weekend. Our Christmas tree has no ornaments up to two feet off of the floor. As you may recall, we have a toddler and two kittens.

I'm feeling like a watched pot again.

Today Jeff's mom picked up the kids, who'll be staying at Grandma and Grandpa's house until late tomorrow afternoon. My in-laws are so sweet to give me a break during these days and weeks of waiting. The last time they did this, I worked like a madwoman (it was invigorating to feel so productive!) and finished all my Christmas shopping as well as gift wrapping. This time around? I've got my eye on candy-making. Hey, nesting takes all forms...

For better or for worse, I have begun to walk away from our downstairs (in particular, the kitchen) at night with an eye of what it might look like to the birth team if this was The Night. If they walked in at 2 A.M. (and this goes for my in-laws, too), would they see a pile of scrubbed pots drying in the sink? A disheleved toy tasket? So I'm taking a few extra minutes to tidy up the play area, to dry things and put them away, to generally leave the downstairs looking a little nicer before I head up to bed at night. I'm not sure if this is good (tidier!) or bad (expectations raised, I could get jaded quickly). But there we are.

One of our cats has a serious crush on my husband. She is utterly shameless. It's really something to see. Incidentally, she is also obsessed with bleach. I completely get being into Jeff, but why on earth would you want to lick the bleach bottle, let alone chew on the toilet brush?!

Speaking of things in the bathroom, Elise urinated in her little potty this morning! I was so excited and enthusiastic (yes, I know this is terrible, horrible timing, with the baby due any day now and all), but she was very cavalier. It's really no big deal, Mama. Please.

It would seem that I have unofficially given up on exercise, at least for the next while. This is in contrast to Friday (the due date), when I will officially give up on exercise - as well as the exquisite torture of weighing myself.

Kyle auditioned for our church's Christmas musical, and got a speaking part. I'm going to try really hard to not be a stage mama. But he's going to be so good. We've always said he has a flair for drama.

At church yesterday, a friend of mine took one look at me and said "You look ready." To which I replied, "Oh my goodness, I am sooooooo ready."


Mama said...

Thanks for sharing your many thoughts with us. It's always so enjoyable. Yea for Elise going potty! Looks like she's learning fast, probably from watching her siblings.
Looking forward to getting the "phone call" any day now. :)

Anonymous said...

My red dishes make me happy too!!

"Rejoice always! I say it again, rejoice!" God is good!

Ami said...

I really loved this post! Hooray for Elise! I waited until Scotch was ready, and it was when I had a few-weeks old baby in the house. Not the ideal time, but she was easy and nonchalant about it, too. :) Hopefully Elise will be that way for you! Looking forward to reading about little one's arrival in the next several weeks! Praying for you.

Mindy said...

Thanks, Ami! That is so encouraging to me right now. I've been saying for a while that if I weren't pregnant, I'd be tempted to potty train Elise. I don't know how hard we'll hit it, but I think we'll leave the potty out and see how interested she is. Also, I am shamelessly going to be giving her "potty treats" when she has a success. I hate doing that, but I have always ended up doing it anyway. Maybe if I do it from the start, she might be super-motivated...?

Kristin said...

If Elise wants to potty train now, why no go for it? I think it is only "bad" if you're pushing for her to do it while she is already having a hard time adjusting to new things. If she is initiating it herself, it sounds like it could be a good time !

What a fun post!

Ami said...

Mindy, Scotch was not at all interested in "potty treats," despite the offer being made. All she wants, once she uses the potty, is a high five from everyone in the house. :) So, we accommodate her in that.