Friday, February 5, 2010

a watched pot

That's me. I am, to put it simply, a watched pot.

I'm being watched my family, friends, fellow churchgoers, neighbors, my midwife, my children, and my husband. Everyone is wondering just when this little baby will decide to be born.

Not the least of which is me. That is to say, I'm wondering more than anyone.

As I've said before, my babies are no respecters of due dates. They come in their own time, when they're good and ready. They don't seem to care that their arrivals have been pondered over, commented on, and even joked about.

They have no inkling that during those last few weeks, while they are contently warm, protected, and oh-so-comfortable in utero, the uncertainty of the yet to be determined birthdates drives people a little crazy.

Admittedly, uncertainty makes scheduling a challenge. Family visits, work schedules, meal delivery, baby showers. Headaches galore, no doubt about that.

And then there's the issue of not knowing the baby's gender.

All told, I suppose that the way we do this baby thing is a little bit inconvenient.
(Although really, birthing at home in my bathtub seems pretty convenient to me!)

Yet isn't this the way it's been done for ages? With the exception of the bathtub, that is. But really, mothers-to-be throughout the centuries have waited and wondered when their little ones would be born. They watched the moon, they listened to the stories other women told. They listened to their bodies, wondering, waiting for a sign that their baby was on the way.

Scheduling? That's newfangled stuff.

And so, I suppose that I'm a little old-fashioned. Though I don't always enjoy the uncertainty, I like that my babes choose their own birthdays. And I like the gender surprise. In spite of all the seeming inconvenience, this is the way we've chosen to go.

So, I'll continue to watch, and to be watched. As time goes on, Birth Day will draw nigh. Comfy or not, this baby will be born.

Because one of these days, I'm gonna boil.


Pohang Mom said...

What a great post, Mindy! And spot on, too. It's only modern medicine that's given us more specific guess dates for us to plan for, or go a little batty as that date draws near, or passes.

I love that you leave your babies to grow and be born when they're ready, and I love that you wait to know the baby's sex until birth. What an extra sweet moment that must be for you each time.

I'm watching, but in sheer joy and admiration for you. :)

Joy said...

Lovely post!! I too am watching and waiting but in quiet anticipation to welcome this blessed baby whenever s/he is ready to join us.

Me and Madeline said...

Mindy, you are amazing! You really are.

paige said...

such a sweetness to this post, Mindy. Boil away :)

Kristin said...

I find it funny when people say, "My doctor didn't make me wait," as though waiting is a punishment! :-) I'm with you. Old-fashioned or not, waiting for baby is almost always best.

Jeanne said...

I've always felt like God gave us perfect plans and have found that things go better when we stay as close to His plan as we can. Dreaming and anticipation, then the revealing accompanied by joy. "Just what I wanted - a baby!" Looking forward to learning the details of this baby's arrival. Happy birthing/mothering!

steve and corrine said...

Watched Pot! There she blows!! Whenever you're ready, just give us a call. We'll be there to boil water, pace, pray, watch the boys, etc.

Trish said...
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Trish said...

Had to delete my previous comment since the typo was driving me nuts!

We're well aware that the nephews (niece?!) you give us come in their own sweet time, so we'll just wait patiently for a call. :) Hang in there!

Rochelle said...

lovely post.