Monday, February 8, 2010

worth it

Five months of heartburn.

Twenty-two pounds gained.

One month of torrential, weepy days.

Uncountable trips to the bathroom.

Two months of aching joints.

Nine days of waiting after the due date passed.

Three hours of missed sleep and high hopes during a pre-labor false alarm.

Seven hours of early labor.

Three hours of active labor.

Ten minutes of pushing.

Worth it.


paige said...

YOU ALREADY HAVE A BOW FOR HER SWEET TINY HEAD!!!! i love you Mindy! You're so cute!

Mindy said...

Hee was Jeff. He went out yesterday morning to get Ibuprofen (those pesky afterpains) and came home with some goodies. How cute is *that*?

Rena said...

Congratulations!!! A GIRL! Wow!

Molly said...

Oh, she just so.cute. Absolute perfection. And the bow! Be still my heart!

Sarah, Nathen, Aiden, and Evan said...

She is so adorable Mindy, and I didnt realize you were so many days over your due date. You are a real trooper

Carolyn said...

Very sweet little girl. And how precious of your hubby to get her a bow!

Mama said...

She's a beauty! Love the sweet pictures!

steve and corrine said...

Love the picture and the sentiments