Monday, February 22, 2010

10 things I love about my boy: Owen

1) The way his language is just exploding.

2) What an incredibly big cheeser he's become.

3) How much he enjoys playing with his big brothers.

4) The way he is so tickled to have a baby in the house.

5) What an attentive big brother he's turning out to be.

6) His love of protein.

7) The zeal with which he wrestles.

8) The way he joins in when we're singing, about a measure behind, but unmistakably there.

9) The way he's so cheerful in the morning when coming in to wake us up (at 6 AM) with a bright "Hi!!!"

10) How absolutely kissable he is!


Brigetta said...

Wow! He looks so big now, what a sweet boy.

Mama said...

He is definitely kissable! We sure do love him! Such a sweet boy!

Rissa said...

Sweet, sweet boy. That is a precious picture.

I also wanted to ask - can I email you? I can't seem to recall your email address. Just write me at: rissawebster [at] mac [dot] com if you don't mind. :)

Rena said...

Goodness, he has grown up so! What a great post. (I love all the Elise pics too! Are you having fun dressing her in girlie clothes? : ) )