Tuesday, December 20, 2011

a (few more) odd things...

~Although I liked the fact that our kids all had even-numbered birthdays (up to Gabe, that is), I think it pleases me even more that the new baby's birthday is exactly a week before Benjamin's...which is exactly a week before Christmas.  (We have several other one-week-apart birthdays in our own family and extended family, and I find patterns very satisfying...)

~My daughter made a charming little boy as the Toddler Jesus in our church's Christmas musical.

~I mentioned in THIS POST that Owen had been referring to his new brother Gabriel as "Rachel."  That has ceased, but funnily enough, the lady who played Mary the mother of Jesus in our church musical's name is Rachel - and over the past two days, whenever her name comes up, Owen  very sternly says, "No, it's Gabriel!"  You could not invent this kind of stuff, people. I kid you not.

~Kyle made Benjamin a birthday card, and chose to decorate it using photos he took of me during and just after Gabriel's birth.  Oy...

~Jeff and I have apparently given up on sending Christmas cards/letters altogether.  So if you're expecting one from  us, and it doesn't come, now you know why.  There are just so many other things to do. Is that totally lame?

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Carolyn said...

I will miss your Christmas card/photo this year. Maybe you'll get around to it next year! :-)