Friday, December 16, 2011

a few odd things

~Our son Owen, 3 1/2 years old, has been calling the new baby (Gabriel) Rachel. I honestly think he hears himself saying Gabriel, but it comes out as a very clear Rachel. Bizarre.

~Never could I have guessed that I would find a 22-month-old's "yes" so charming.

~Evidently the birth team thinks I'm hilarious.  Or maybe that laugh that much at every mama's jokes?

~I may be the only woman in America to feel this way, but I don't really see the allure of Pinterest.  I am on it, and I use it occasionally, but I am not as drawn in as others seem to be...

~My (youngest) son's chest circumference was 2 cm bigger than his head. Small wonder he needed that extra effort to push out!

~After bumming around in pajamas and stretchy pants all week, I'm more than a little nervous at the prospect of wearing real clothes this weekend.

~I find it amusing that, in spite of the fact that I have four sons, it is my daughter who will be portraying Jesus as a toddler in our church's Christmas musical.

~Today Ben and Kyle bring home the photos they took during and after Gabe's birth.  How terrifying is that?!

~A friend lent me a wrist brace, which I am wearing as much as possible.  In related news, I am trying really, really hard not to get any bodily fluids on said wrist brace.  Nothing else, either, but particularly not bodily fluids.  So far, so good...

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the new family photo! (no pressure, just excited) And about Pinterest...I love it for the crafts and DIY ideas. Perhaps that's why you don't adore it as I do! (since you have proclaimed that you are most un-crafty) :-) The way I see it you will be free from it's allure and all of it's time-sucking tendencies. That's not a bad situation! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.