Friday, September 14, 2012

taking a...break?

Elise and Ben helping make pancakes for breakfast

So, counter-cultural once more, we are on a break from homeschool just as the rest of the country is beginning.   We will be taking three weeks off total, and currently we're a third of the way through our vacation.


I have a host of projects I want to get done.  I want to finally get Gabe's newborn photos framed and on the wall.  The pantry desperately needs to be organized, the study (where we keep our school materials)  needs a complete overhaul.  Monday school has started, we have Bible study on Tuesdays.  I have preparation I need to do for the new term beginning in October.  And I must confess: I still haven't graded the end of the year math tests.

Between all this stuff and a flurry of playdates (yes, three playdates in three weeks is a flurry to me!), our time off is filling up fast.

But it's all good.

Somehow the important stuff will get done.  And the things that aren't quite as high on the priority list will work themselves out.  While I feel busy, it is a good busyness.  At the moment there's a little more time for cuddling upstairs before I head down to fix breakfast and start the day.  The kids now have plenty of time to give their bedrooms a good cleaning.  The crisp fall mornings are perfectly delicious, and I'm excited about the new season about to begin.

And today?  My kids and I are heading to play at the park.  It's a gorgeous day out there, and we're going to  soak up this time...

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