Friday, September 6, 2013

"This pregnancy is going by fast!"

I know - you're waiting for a "...said no pregnant lady, ever."

But actually, it's true.

This pregnancy is, for me (the pregnant lady in question, it must be noted) flying by as none other has.   Perhaps it's because we've had a fairly busy summer.  Perhaps it's because I still have so much to do to be ready for Christmas, with two birthdays (three including my mother-in-law) and a birth in December as well. (Don't think I'm an overachiever; I suspect that in the years to come I shall need to have Christmas prep pretty well finished by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, just for the sake of my sanity.)

Perhaps it's because of this complicated undertaking I've taken on, to reclaim my health as much as possible before the wee one is born.  And I'm still very much "in process."   And I'd really like to be able to eat a blueberry or two by the time I go into labor.

It could be the fact that we've had quite a difficult time choosing a boy's name this time around (hey, we've already picked four!), so it seems like we've come to the decision reeeeeeeeeally late in the pregnancy - even though I'm only 5 months along.

Or perhaps it's just because I have to make another dad blame Christmas stocking, and I haven't even started yet. (*wink*)  You recall, don't you, that I Am Not Crafty?

Regardless of the reason (or reasons), this pregnancy seems to be sailing along at a frightening pace.  Giving birth a few months into the school year is a little intimidating, although I've done it before.  Oh, it'll be fine - it'll all be fine - but right now it feels like there are a lot of details yet to fall into place.

When I start to feel overwhelmed by all the ground we'll have covered by the time this little one arrives, I'm going to just take a deep breath, and...think of the babymoon.  And that moment when I get to hold my sweet baby for the first time.  The opportunity to mother another precious child, to experience the unspeakable blessing of a new soul - it's amazing. Astounding.  And it does bring peace.

Now to tackle that Christmas shopping.

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Hanna said...

I'm totally with you on this one, Mindy! I have 10 weeks to go and I really don't know where the time has gone and there is still so much to do! Praying that you'll get all you want to do done and that the Lord grants you peace as you move closer to this exciting time!