Wednesday, February 2, 2011

sometimes I miss the babymoon

Sometimes I miss the babymoon...the dazzling, dewy newness of life. My family all together, all day long. My husband home, his comforting nearness, his male strength. His love evidenced in a thousand tendernesses. The songs he sings as he dances our babe to sleep.

Sometimes I miss the babymoon. That first great time of acquaintance, the intimacy of having known one another for months...and yet just then really meeting her. The wonder of those tiny hands...toes...the sweep of a newborn's eyelashes. The petal-soft skin, the folded limbs. The utter dependence on me. Establishing our relationship, those blurry-eyed nighttime feedings. The sweet weight of her sleeping in my arms as I sit quietly in the afternoon light.

Sometimes I miss the babymoon. Those early days, in their newness. Something we can ever again quite capture.

But then I remember the now. Watching my children play together - chasing, laughing, crawling out from underneath playsilks or forts. The ability to play happily by herself, or quietly go exploring. The beauty of a routine. My lightness of heart when she grins at me, so very pleased with herself, or sees me and waves from across the room. Sweet babbling sounds. The utter thrill it gives her when her daddy comes home from work...the joyful sight of all my family seated around the table at mealtime. Anticipating a Birthday.

Sometimes I do miss the babymoon. But the now? These sweet days have a beauty about them all their own. There are memories being made ...these are precious moments that are over so, so quickly. The now? I'm loving the now.

It's good stuff.


Kristin said...

NOW is good. If only we could remember that in the day to day. c

Joy said...

Lovely thoughts ~ well said. Thank you!