Friday, February 18, 2011

anything's possible...

I just may...

...have forgotten not once, but twice, this week that someone was coming to work at the house that day.

...often be nearly a week behind on my perpetual calendar.

...have unknowingly worn a shirt for hours which sported a smear of coconut bark the size of a silver dollar. very weary of hearing my boys' theories about Star Wars.

...regularly send a text message to my husband, even when we're both home. really starting to hope that my third son will be potty trained sometime in the not-so-distant future. kinda/sorta be taking on a mother's helper a couple of times a month.

...have made a new goal for myself of one dessert a week, instead, dessert twice a day. And I am not missing it at all!

...have decided (after cleaning out the study today) that my husband and I, two pack rats, seem to be raising a houseful of pack rats. a nut for homemade nut butter.


Deb said...

what exactly is a mother's helper? Sounds wonderful!!

steve and corrine said...

In Tennessee they used to have a "mother's helper" that they gave the children on wash day. That little elixir kept them very docile and quiet - always wondered if it was just moonshine!

Mindy said...

Sorry, Deb, I forgot to get back to you!

A mother's helper is a young lady who comes in a regular or semi-regular basis, and helps - with housework,childcare, etc. It's generally a tween or a young teen. Here's a link that explains it more thoroughly: