Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 things I've learned recently

1) While at the beach, walking around and around to different stores, hoping against hope that our baby will fall asleep in her backpack carrier and we won't have to go back to the room for her to nap... is an exercise in futility.

2) My slow cooker cooks a whole chicken way faster than the instructions predict it will. To avoid four hours of keeping the bird on "warm," begin much later.

3) If a little girl has big brothers (possibly even if she doesn't), she will love cars. Especially ones that make noises.

4) No matter how much I love using cloth diapers, using 'sposies on vacation is a real treat. No smelly ones to tote home!

5) It is a beautiful thing to come home to a dryer full of clean diapers, an empty dishwasher...and then to discover that my wonderful mother-in-law washed the boys' clothing while they were at her house.

6) There are fewer things more charming than a baby who loves to dance.

7) After moving kitchen rug to sweep, do NOT send the boys to empty the dishwasher until it is back in its place. Failure to do so will inevitably result in puddles of water on my gorgeous laminate floor.

8) Kittens are just as likely to unroll all the rolls of toilet paper as young children are.

9) I love hard lotion. And I want to start making it myself. Because, you know, I don't already have enough to do.

10) Always, always use the toilet before going for a jog on the rebounder.


Mama said...

Funny lady! Glad you're back. Hope you had a wonderful time.

steve and corrine said...

too cute!! Love to read your musings and reflections on life.