Monday, September 14, 2009

"Not me!" Monday

Welcome to "Not me" Monday, the blog carnival where you can share your garbage, yet the points don't matter. This is MckMama's creation - hop on over to her blog, My Charming Kids, for a delightful read.

While without a vehicle this week, I was not too chicken to take the boys to the playground at the apartment complex. I did not think through an entire scenario involving broken limbs, coupled with an inability to drive to get medical attention, and instead opt to stay holed up in our apartment. That would be utterly paranoid, and brand me a total worrywart. So...nope, not me!

Speaking of vehicles, our van is definitely not still dumping steering fluid, right and left. No way! We would certainly have had it repaired by now, regardless of the fact that Jeff's "drive the train station and back" car is refusing to run.

After Jeff's parents were gracious enough to offer their Honda Pilot for our drive to Idaho (and back), I did not breathe a huge sigh of relief when we returned it to them, a week later, with neither damage nor theft inflicted upon it. Absolutely not! I don't still carry any "what's next" feeling with me, and I would certainly not worry while using someone else's (nice!) vehicle. Not me!

When Jeff and I read through the guidelines and tips for an exciting upcoming vacation, I did not immediately begin to think "I need new clothes!" I'm sure I have plenty to wear, and I have no hankering for fun new duds to sport around the deck. That sort of thing wouldn't matter to me at all.

So I definitely didn't spend a bit of money today while shopping the sales racks at my local maternity store. Nope, not me!

A day or so after discussing an upcoming midwife visit, and the sonogram which I hope to schedule within the next two weeks, I was certainly not at a complete loss when Kyle began to speak of wanting to hear the "vulture noise." I am highly intuitive when it comes to my children, and I knew instantly that he was referring to the ultrasound.

And I don't find it utterly breathtaking when the boys kiss my belly and say sweetly "Good night, Little Bit. I love you!" Nope. Not at all.

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steve and corrine said...

I don't know what is sweeter the vulture sounds request or the kiss the belly and say goodnight to "Little Bit". I love your "Not Me Mondays" I can't wait to read what you have to share. If I was brave enough or creative enough, I would do my own version of the Not Me Monday thing.