Thursday, November 26, 2009

homebirth supplies

Maybe I'm antsy because I know we'll be moving a few weeks (a month?) before Little Bit arrives. Maybe I know I'll be busy, and stressed, and I'm eager to take the burden from Mindy-in-January's shoulders. Maybe that's it: entirely possible.

But in truth, I've always been this way. Wanting to get things set up, ready....prepared. I've been known to spend the better part of my nesting time squirreling away things like shampoo, hand soap, contact solution, mascara, garbage bags, and food packed into the freezer. I really, really like to have any and all of my ducks in a row.

And so, I'm ready to get on the birth kit. I've got a few things assembled already, and I hope to get the rest of it organized within the next few weeks. (Hey, don't laugh...I will be 31 weeks on Monday. That's not too soon...right?) And...I thought I'd share my list(s) with you, dear readers! Aren't you thrilled?

Here is the basic list I received from my midwife~
  • posted name of, address to, phone number for, & directions to hospital closest to my home
  • foods for the birth team and laboring mama (i.e., whole grain bread, real peanut butter/almond butter, raw veggies, cheese & crackers, fruit, orange juice)
  • large maxi pads
  • bowl for the placenta
  • large freezer Ziploc bag for the placenta
  • small kitchen strainer
  • bendy straws to drink from
  • Recharge sports drink
  • lots of bath towels and washcloths
  • baby blankets and hats
  • electric heating pad
  • antibacterial hand soap and clean hand towel
  • bleach
  • hydrogen peroxide (1 large bottle)
  • large trash bags
  • laundry basket lined with trash bag, in birth room

And here are a couple more which I've added on my own~
  • lavender-scented candle(s)
  • the CD of "labor songs" I made
  • filled water bottle
  • birth ball
  • bath pillow
  • container handy in case I need to vomit during transition
  • breath mints in case I need to vomit during transition
  • newborn baby clothes
  • video camera (with plenty of tape and charged battery)
  • digital camera
  • disposable cameras for the bigger boys

Wish me success!

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