Monday, November 23, 2009

"Not me!" Monday

Hey, all! It's time for another edition of "Not me" Monday, the carnival blog created by the spirited MckMama at My Charming Kids. Enjoy!

I absolutely didn't sit all three of my boys down to watch "Sid the Science Kid" on PBS, in lieu of doing science on that particular day. I mean, I would never substitute television viewing for school! Even if the show does have "science" in the title...

When I need something from my chest freezer, I definitely don't need to move at least five hefty objects off of it. I would never live in such a way that would make it necessary to move a box of up to six empty half-gallon milk jars, a bag of apples, a bag of sweet potatoes, a heavy cookbook, and not one, but two big ol' squash. And if I did, I wouldn't tend to find myself muttering about it, pretty much every time.

I would never be nearly giddy because, on our "shopping date," Jeff and I picked up a brand new vacuum. That would be a little sad, I think. Even if our old, 10+ year-old one had gotten very, very annoying.

Along those lines, I would certainly not be greatly amused at hearing my boys argue over who gets to vacuum next. Arguing is never amusing!


paige said...

got any good recipes that use sweet potatoes? Seeing as you have a bag of them... :)

Mindy said...

Paige, I made this one for our church's Thanksgiving dinner over the weekend. Mine wasn't much to look at, but it was YUMMY. :)

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

A new vaccum IS reason to celebrate! Old vaccums (am I spelling that right?) make housework more of a chore than it already is! Want to come use it in my house next????


leah said...

Lol at moving things off the freezer...mine is in my laundry room and it's the only place that I have to keep my dehydrator and laundry basket. Plus, we feed the cat up there so that the dog doesn't eat her food. Just getting a package of hamburger meat out is serious exercise.