Tuesday, May 4, 2010

for dinner: liver and onions

Well, I did it. I served my family beef liver for dinner.

I prepared it so carefully - it was sliced just right, soaked in fresh lemon juice for many hours, lightly breaded,...and I was extremely careful not to overcook it (as I found repeated warnings that overcooked liver tastes "terrible").

I sauteed onions to serve over it, and we crumbled bacon slices as well. Everything was done right, as far as I'm concerned.

But it didn't go over so well.

Oh, the boys were game to try. I can't fault them there. I pitched it as "a surprise, something we've never tried before!" and they were mildly excited to give it a go. But when they tasted it, things didn't fly so well.

And frankly, I didn't like it either. It was a texture thing. I ate all the liver on my plate, but it was generously doctored with onions and bacon.

I felt a little bit like I was doing a food challenge on "The Amazing Race."

Jeff liked it alright, though. At the very least, he said not to throw the rest of it out. I'm really glad we tried it, but even more glad that tonight's dinner is a much more popular kind of meal: homemade pizza.

Guess this family of picky eaters isn't quite ready for organ meats yet.

So what on earth am I going to do with the beef heart in my freezer?!


Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

I haven't served up beef liver yet at our house, but I do occasionally cook up chicken liver. Our favorite way to eat it is hidden in chili. (I cook it up, then grind it up in the blender, and stir it into the chili.) :)

Michele :)

Brigetta said...

Here's my thought: Does your neighbor have a dog? He'd enjoy it. :)

Me and Madeline said...

You are so brave!

Ol' Dad said...

Back in the old days before I met your mom I could eat beef liver if it was thinly sliced, good and hot with a bite of fried bacon with each bite of liver. Otherwise it was hard to swallow.

About the same time my (girl) cousin prepared beef heart for her husband and guests one Thanksgiving. I guess it must have been roasted. (It might have been boiled.) I can't remember how it was at that meal but it made really GREAT meat sandwiches for lunches.

Hope it tastes good to you all.

Pohang Mom said...

Well, it looks scrumptious, anyway! Good for you for trying!

paige said...

it does actually look really good.. i wish i could've tried it.

Mindy said...

Paige - There are plenty of leftovers, if you happen to be in town...! ;)

Brigetta - Yes, the neighbor behind us has 3 dogs, actually! I wonder what their owners would say if I asked. Hmm.

Michele - Thanks for sharing that...interesting! I've never tried chicken livers, but then, I have been a pretty choosy eater all my life.