Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Who's Who?

Now that there's 4, let's test your skill one more time.
Can you guess which baby's which?
These are all pictures of them at around 3 months old. Good luck!
Answers will be posted Thursday night.



Pohang Mom said...

my guess is, clockwise from top left: Owen, Elise, Ben, Kyle. Such similarities between them!

Joy said...

okay my guess: Top row is Elise and Kyle
bottom row is Owen and Ben

paige said...

Top left, going clockwise: Elise, Kyle, Ben, Owen.

Shelli said...

Clockwise from top left... Kyle, Elisa, Owen Ben :)

Shelli said...

I meant Elise... typing in the dark! :)

Molly @ Me and Madeline said...

I'm late, but wow! I can't believe how similar they all look! I was going to say clockwise from left - Elise, Kyle, Ben, Owen. But that would have been wrong!