Monday, March 28, 2011

10 things about Monday School

Yes, it's that time of year again. Today marked the first (full) day of Monday School through our homeschool co-op. In honor of the beginning of the spring term, a few notes.

10 Things About Monday School

1) A little boy looks so much more grown up when entering a preschool classroom, than he did entering a toddler one.

2) My 8-year-old has a new best friend. His surname is the same as the title of a certain "caped crusader." Awesome.

3) Putting my 5-year-old in with the 1st graders is a little freaky, even if his reading ability is astounding.

4) Agreeing to teach two Lego classes is not a gentle way to segue into being an official teacher.

5) If I want my Lego pupils to construct a building, I must take all of the wheels away. Building a vehicle is just too tempting.

6) Teaching in a classroom is hard. Way harder than natural childbirth.

7) If I have to lay down the law with a child, it's nice to know that I have his mother's support.

8) Encouragement in the homeschooling community is vitally important. I value the friendships I've made in this co-op, so much.

9) Boys and girls behave very differently in a classroom setting.

10) I may well teach again for some term in the future. But I think I will have to watch a birth video or two before I decide...


Rena said...

Ha about #6. Having taught for 8 1/2 years but not the opportunity for natural childbirth, I'm interested in your view. A classroom of children is a different creature. Hope you have fun! It will get easier. (Unlike natural childbirth?)

Ami said...

I, too, chuckled at #6. Like Rena, I've taught in a classroom for years, but not had the opportunity (yet!) for natural childbirth. Hearing that this thing I do every day is more difficult than something I'm hoping to do in about 4 months from someone who has done it 4 times is encouraging! :)

That said, I'm sure you're doing an amazing job! And, the kids blessed to be in your class will be blessed by you as you will be by them.

Mindy said...

Congratulations, Ami! I am so excited for you!

As far as #6 goes, I suppose it's a matter of perspective and experience. Teaching has never been a gift of mine, but I decided to step up and take a more active role in our Monday school experience.

And in my experience, natural childbirth does get easier, especially with experience!