Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"She cooks healthy."

"She cooks healthy."

I don't know that this statement is generally taken as a compliment. In our society today, "healthy" food is thought of as being low-fat and dry. I can remember, back when I was the low-fat queen, getting quite annoyed when I would hear people make snide remarks about fat-free being taste-free. And of course, you can find techniques to create tasty meals that are low in fat, but high in flavor and moisture. It takes quite a bit of effort at times, but it is possible.

Still, I believe that there is immeasurable merit to getting back to traditional ways of eating...and that includes incorporating fats into the diet.

As you may remember, I have had quite a departure from the way I used to define "healthy food." These days our healthy meals include red meat, vegetables swimming with melted butter (preferably from pastured cows), and chicken with the skin on - white meat and dark. We eat a lot of coconut oil - I use it to fry eggs, cook pancakes, make nut butter, bake, and even make candy. Our family's diet is a far cry from the way it used to be.

So if you hear someone say of me (as they do sometimes), "She cooks healthy," don't jump to any conclusions. It's probably not what you think. I believe it's healthier to be a meat-eater than a vegetarian. I don't own a can of Pam - I grease my pans with the real thing these days (thanks be to God!). And I believe that real butter is better for you than the bread it's spread upon.

That's how we do "healthy" around here!

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