Tuesday, March 15, 2011


...is still cruising at 13 months.

...has become quite a little chatterbox. Most of it is babble, but it's endearing nonetheless.

...loves getting toted around by her big brothers.

...feels that her brother's potty is fascinating.

...finds beauty in a piece of bathroom tissue.

...can be something of a diva at the dinner table. (We're working on it!)

...enjoys crawling around with one of her brothers' discarded socks clutched in her tiny hand.

...frequently waves a greeting to faces she sees in picture frames.

...unrolls toilet paper rolls. (I wonder who was doing it first - Elise, or the kittens?)

...is currently cutting her 2nd tooth.

...recently turned her pancake into a telephone.


Mama said...

Such a sweet little girl! We love seeing pictures and hearing about what she's doing. Thank you.

paige said...

E is still cruisin' too - what a little beauty, mindy... :) sweet little chicky.