Sunday, May 8, 2011

my mama

(photo courtesy of my sister-in-law, Trish)

My mama is a sweet lady. Her smile is inclusive and warm. She is kind and funny, sensitive and personable. I love being with my mama.

My mama worked. She is a hard worker, diligent and thorough. Even though she doesn't need to, she often "takes her work home with her" in the sense that she thinks about it after hours. My mama is dependable.

My mama can cook. In my childhood memories, she made casseroles, country cheese potatoes, and cookies (just to name a few). Every year, we made Christmas cookies - often with frosting, sometimes with sprinkles. She made whoopie pies and peanut brittle, Yum-Yums and brownies. Finger-licking delicious.

My mama taught me about Jesus. She took me to church from the time I was very young. She taught me to keep "quiet time" quiet. She told me that being a follower of Jesus doesn't depend on how you feel; it is based on commitment and knowing what's true. Come to think about it, she told me that about marriage, too.

My mama is still married to my dad, after 36 years. She listens to him, respects him. She has been an example of commitment in marriage. I am blessed that my parents are still into each other.

My mama is a devoted mother to my brother and myself, yet she also gives us our space. She shows her love for her children (and grandchildren) by a thousand thoughtful acts. Her gentle words and sweet spirit are a blessing to all who know her.

I love you, Mama. Thank you so much for giving me life. Happy Mother's Day!


Mama said...

Thanks so much, darling daughter! I have certainly enjoyed being a mother for all these years. We have lots of great memories, and our kids were always - and still are - such a blessing to us. I wanted to be a mother years before I was one, and I thank God for the privilege.

Mama said...

... and I love you so much.