Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the dawn of summer

Today is the first official day of summer.

And it even feels like it! High of 83* F, sunny, beautiful.

We had to get outside and soak up the rays for the pure joy of it, and the Vitamin D didn't hurt, either.

Summer, we bid you welcome!


Mel said...

So cute! I remember the days of those sweet bonnets and sun hats!

Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

paige said...

aw! we wanted a pic of *mama* in her new maternity sundresses :) Love the pics - i still think she looks a little like kyle.

Mindy said...

I agree that she looks like Kyle, Paige!

As it happens, I *was* wearing a sundress today. But alas, there was no one to take my photo. Guess I could've hijacked Ben, but he was busily running wild with the neighbor kids...

Mama said...

Adorable picture of Elise! What a fun time!

Anonymous said...

These photos are SO cute.

Oh, and congrats on your pregnancy! I have been following your blog even through my blogging break, although I've been really bad at commenting on anything this whole time. I'm so happy for you!