Monday, June 13, 2011


Out of the mouth of my 3-year-old...

1) Me, casually calling from another room: "Hey Owen, what are you up to?"
Owen, crossly: "I not up to anything!"

2) Me: "Owen, are you ready to clear your place?"
Owen: "Yes."
(Five minutes later)
Me: "Owen I notice that you're not clearing your place."
Owen, standing up indignantly from his seat: "I am! I clearing my place!"
(Five minutes later)
Me: "Owen, your place..."
Owen, standing up again: "I am!"
(He stomps noisily while clearing his place.)
Me: "If you say so..."

3) To his brothers: "I trying to talk! You interrupting me!"

4) Also to his brothers, at random times whether he's being spoken to or not: "HEY! Don't say that to me!"

5) Pointing to anything purple: "This is pink!"

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Mama said...

Love that kid! He's a spunky one...and so adorable.