Sunday, June 19, 2011

my dad

My dad is steadfast. He was always there for us growing up, even when he was away from home. He was a constant in our lives, and we knew we could count on him.

My dad is a hard worker. He always worked to support our family, even under stressful circumstances. He went back to school, changed careers, and took on more responsibilities.

My dad is funny. He tells jokes, sees the lighter side of things, and occasionally refers to eggs as "cackleberries," and milk as "moo juice."

My dad can talk to people. He is friendly and kind to waitresses. He can carry on a conversation with anyone, from any walk of life. He's interested, and it shows.

My dad is committed. He's been married to my mama for more than three and a half decades now. I've never known him to be anything other than totally committed to his wife. It's obvious that he still digs her!

My dad took us to church. He pursued a fellowship of believers which would be authentic, and obedient to Jesus Christ. He drove us faithfully, whether we felt like it or not. He taught us what it meant to believe and obey.

I appreciate you, Dad! Thank you for all you've done for your family!

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Ol' Dad said...

Thanks, Mindy. It was my pleasure and a true bleesing to have you & Jamie for our children.

We have lots of good memories, don't we?