Friday, October 14, 2011

this girl...

This girl...

...has discovered that a basic stool grants her access to a great many things, including the kitchen counter and the bathroom soap dispensers.

...loves to rummage through the flatware.

...steals her brothers' stuff in order to get them to chase her.

...has developed quite the fashion sense. When I buy something new for her that I hope she'll love, I try to play it very, very cool. I'm letting her think this darling new item is her discovery.

...will bring her own book when I'm reading school books to the boys and climb up next to me on the loveseat.

...won't keep pigtails in longer than 60 minutes.

...loves to rummage through her pajama drawer.

...thinks she's at least three years old.

...often carries around an article of clothing - and she's not picky. It could be her brother's dirty sock, pajama pants she pulled from her dresser, a shirt from the basket of clean laundry, or a pair of mama's underwear. But once she has decided she likes something, it's glued to her little hand.

...loves to hold my hand whenever we walk somewhere - even to another room in the house. She absolutely melts me!

...blesses my heart every single day.

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Steve and Corrine Isom said...

That is a beautiful description of Elise. I can see her doing all those things you describe and doing it with a smile or impish grin on her little angelic face.