Tuesday, October 18, 2011

*this just in*

* I discovered a forgotten half-bowl of chocolate ganache which desperately needed to be used up. Happiness!

* My 20-month-old has developed a passionate love of Kombucha. Grape Kombucha, to be precise. She is forever draining her sippy cup and asking for more.

* I recently did some figuring, and determined that if all goes according to plan, we'll be in great shape with our school lessons by the baby's due date. But my babies are never inclined to arrive by their EDDs, and I am planning to continue with homeschooling pretty much right up to the birth. So anything we accomplish after that will be icing on the cake. Sweet!

* Speaking of the baby, I am feeling so ready to meet him or her. And weary of this pregnancy. All of which means that the next 7-9 weeks could seem really, really long. However, we're not ready yet anyway. We need to get a new car seat, and some newborn-sized Pampers (yes, I still cloth diaper, but I prefer to use paper diapers that first week or two), and set up the bassinet...

* I finished all of my Christmas shopping last week. For a woman expecting her baby in mid-December, this is fantastic news. Now to tackle the gift wrapping...

* Those of you who receive packages from us at Christmastime might just be finding them on your doorsteps obscenely early. I make no apologies!

* In July, I felt like making caramel corn. In October, I feel like making peanut clusters. I seem to be precisely one season off lately...

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