Friday, March 23, 2012

mommy confessions

~While sitting on a chair in a circle at Bible study this week, I was dismayed to discover my left shoe splattered with spit-up.  Not surprising, but still a bit embarrassing... I guess Gabe and I both need our shoes scrubbed.

~I started to read one of my Jane Austen books, but then I decided I currently just don't have enough time and/or brainpower to do that right now.  You can't read Jane Austen half a page at a time.  At least, I can't.

~I kind of hate Legos.

~I have instituted a little thing called Lunch in the Living Room.  About once a week, the children get to have lunch while watching a video, and I dine alone (or with the baby on my lap) at the dining room table.  They love it, and a quiet lunch now and then works wonders for my sanity!

~At this point in my life, it is infinitely more fun to shop for and dress my daughter, than myself.

~I am obsessed with limes.  Which are definitely not local fare...  I would also kill (figuratively speaking!) to have a lemon tree in my back yard.  But no, I don't want to move to California or Florida.

~Sometimes, an hour or so away from Lunch in the Living Room, I'll look longingly at the laptop and call out, "Pinterest, I'm coming for you!"

~Tuesdays are hard.  I cry almost every week on the way to Bible study.

~I like to make homemade fudge.  And then smear peanut butter on top of it for even more decadence.

~Somehow, I am both anticipating and dreading the spring and summer months.  Don't ask me to explain it.  I think it has to do with having more skin showing during the warmer seasons.

~My 3-month-old spends 2/3 of his naptime in the swing.

~It's surprisingly effortless to come up with a dozen or so confessions at this stage in my life  Somehow that doesn't frighten me as much as it ought to...

~I think I may have another sanguine on my hands.  I just don't know if I can handle another sanguine in my life just now.  They're great fun and all, but man do they ever like to talk... And boy are they boisterous!

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