Monday, March 26, 2012

sourdough kick

I am on a huge sourdough kick lately.  Huge.

To quote my husband, "[I am] one sourdough maniac."

But don't let him fool you; he's been loving it, I promise.

So far, we've enjoyed bread, pancakes, waffles, and pizza crust.  Next up?  English muffins.  But I think that one's going to require a little extra adult support (in regard to the children).

I think I'm finally getting this thing with the starter.   Ever since I got this new starter, it has seemed totally healthy and happy.  Which makes me happy.  I just love seeing it bubble and grow.  Pretty much everything I've made has been a big hit with the family, and I'm having a lot of fun experimenting.  

In case, you're interested, here's a list of the recipes we've tried (and approved!) so far.

This recipe is so easy.  It only takes a few ingredients, and it requires absolutely no kneading - just some careful timing.  I don't even have a dutch oven, I just use a heavy ceramic casserole with a lid. It works great! We love this recipe; I make it at least twice a week.   I've even played with the wheat/white flour ratio a bit, and it works great with mostly wheat flour.  

Seriously awesome.  It just requires a little kneading the morning before you want to make your pizza, and the dough is so pleasant and easy to work.  The whole family adored this pizza, it's our new favorite.  And they've always liked the crust I made.  

An instant hit.

My family has always loved the soaked, whole wheat pancakes I've always made.  I'd also heard a few reports of people not liking the sourer version, so I was very unsure of how these would go over.  However, I was thrilled to discover that everyone loved them.  Every. Single. Person.  Score!

We tried these for the first time this week, and they were delicious.  No leftovers whatsoever.  Another great option when I don't have time to soak waffle batter the night before, or just feel like something different.  A definite winner!

Several of these recipes (and more I'm planning to try) came from my friend Wardeh's fabulous website, GNOWFGLINS.  Wardeh has also put together a collection of sourdough recipes: Sourdough A to Z. It's just been bumped up on my list of Books I Want to Buy.  I just know it'd be a boon to anyone dabbling in sourdough.

I hope you enjoyed my list!  And no, I have not yet officially named my starters.  Suggestions are still being taken, so please do share if you'd like.  My darlin' definitely needs a moniker here.  I can't keep referring to her (and her infrequently-used, pale-faced sister) as "Hey you," now, can I?


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