Thursday, March 29, 2012

my darlin'

I'm afraid this this bubbly beauty may not end up with a clever name after all.  The simple fact is, I just automatically refer to her as Darlin'.  

"And how are you today, Darlin"?"

"There you go, Darlin'.  Eat your flour and be happy!"

"Good morning, Darlin'! You're looking refreshed!"

You get the idea.  I'm afraid, that, even if I do give her an official name, she may always be Darlin' to me...  Oh dear.   Perhaps I should try referring to her as Clementine?

Incidentally, I loved this post today from Kelly the Kitchen Kop: The BEST No-Knead Sourdough Bread and Why Sourdough is the Best Bread You Can Eat.  It shares a little bit about why sourdough is so wonderful. (And yes, that is the recipe I use.  I make a lovely round loaf of sourdough at least twice a week.  We love it.)  As for me, I'm smitten!  In case you hadn't noticed.

I don't call just anyone Darlin', you know.

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