Monday, November 5, 2012

6 things I learned homeschooling my kids last week

1)   The more I teach math, the better I'm getting at doing math.  It's amazing to me, but I am re-learning this stuff, and learning much more efficient methods of handling numbers.  I love it!  And I love watching my 4-year-old develop an appreciation for math as well.  Math, fun!  Who knew?

2)   Reading aloud is really, really hard with a wailing baby in my arms.  Okay, so I knew this one already.  But truly, I am re-learning it.  Don't worry - I think it's just teething issues. But whew!  Not such a great time...for anyone.  Hooray for naptime!

3)   Laminators are super cool.  We purchased a laminator a few years ago, but (and this is so embarrassing  the truth is, I was afraid of it.  I still can't put my finger on exactly why, but that's the way it was.  However, I have recently begun to use the thing and have discovered that I'm crazy in love with it.  Laminating at home: incredibly useful and very, very cool.

4)  My kids are super cool.  The more time I spend with my kids, the more I enjoy them (though I do confess to loving a break now and again.  I do adore alone time!).  They are so much fun!  They make me laugh each and every day.

5)   We are having fun this year!   What an immense blessing.  It isn't always perfect (in fact, it rarely is perfect) but it is actually enjoyable a lot of the time.  I am so incredibly thankful.

6)  At the moment in time, we are actually ahead of schedule.  And it feels good!  I know things will ebb and flow, but this first term was going to be difficult to soldier through.  So it's amazing and encouraging to me that we're doing so well.  But don't tell my kids!  I'd like to save some flexibility for sick days and special stuff.  So...shhh!

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steve and corrine said...

So glad that it is going well and I love that there is joy in "school-ville".