Thursday, November 22, 2012


It's late in the day.  Our holiday has been spent cooking, eating, and visiting.  We're cozied away up in the woods with my parents' place.  It's been good; the baby has even been sleeping well since we arrived a few days ago.   We have talked, played games, had fun outside.  We even saw a moose!
And so, at the end of this day we set aside each year to offer thanks, I thought I'd share a few of the things I'm especially thankful for this year.

I'm unspeakably thankful for my fantastic husband Jeff.  He is such a fun, wise, tender, loyal, sexy, capable, gracious, compassionate, and godly man. I am blessed to be his wife, and so grateful our children have this amazing guy for their father.

Today I am thankful for my boys. They are full of fun, sweet, smart, inventive, and - they love Jesus. I'm so honored and humbled at the blessing of raising them to be men of God!

I am so very thankful for my daughter. She brings such a sweet richness to my life, and I enjoy spending time with her more than I could have imagined! Our little girl absolutely lights up our home; she is such an amazing blessing.

I'm thankful for my sweet and considerate parents. They researched a whole host of gluten-free recipes (including pie crust and other Thanksgiving goodies) then went out and bought almond flour and coconut flour, among other things. I am blessed!

I'm thankful for my brother - my only sibling.  He's grown into a man I'm pleased to call brother, and it's a delight to know that he is a wonderful husband and father.  It's so fun to say that even aside from family bonds, I genuinely like him and my sister-in-law.

I am thankful for my women's Bible study group. This autumn marks 10 years since I began meeting with them. Some individuals around the table have come and gone, and the faces of those who remained have changed over time. Yet I am so grateful for this group of encouragers and the incredible difference they have made in my life!   

I am thankful to those who paid the ultimate price for my freedom.

And I am ever-so-thankful that kombucha is gluten-free!

I am so thankful for our homeschool co-op. The ladies there have been such a source of encouragement to me on this journey, and it's really good for my kids to spend time with other children who are educated at home. What a blessing!

In these uncertain times, I am so thankful to know Who knows the future.

There are so many things I am thankful for today. Love, family, friends, food, health. But the main thing, really, is simple. I am thankful for the matchless grace of Jesus.

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