Wednesday, November 14, 2012

why "What I Wore Wednesday" isn't fair

Have you heard about What I Wore Wednesday over at the pleated poppy?  The blogger Lindsey Cheney writes an explanation of the concept: 
...after years of staying at home with my kids i began to “let myself go”.  i started this to motivate myself to just get dressed – put a few minutes into myself to feel better for the whole day!  if you are finding yourself in this same situation, i want to encourage you to join us –  this really works!  take a look at all the other ladies joining me – real women wearing real clothes!

I like the idea, I really do.  I've even considered joining in the blog hop myself, but I had a teensy little problem.   Just an itty bitty one.

Here's the deal:   Wednesdays don't work for me.  You might say I have a bit of a conflict.  You see, in my life, in my world, Wednesday is sweatpants-and-slippers day.

I realize that this appears to fly in the face of the very spirit of WIWW.  Truthfully I have made an effort for years now to limit my sweatpants-wearing to one day a week.  In a silly little way I felt I needed to help raise the standard for stay-at-home moms everywhere.  Mightily I resisted the siren call of wearing sweatpants and pajamas every day of the week.  After all, one must make some effort, right?  And a thing like that can be a slippery slope.

But I did keep one day.  Wednesday.

You see, many days of the week I get out of the house.  Saturday is shopping day.  Sunday is church.  Monday is homeschool co-op.  Tuesday, Bible study, the milk run and Awanas.  And then comes Wednesday.

Wednesday.  The first day after a long stretch when I don't have to go anywhere.  When this homebody can brew a hot drink, snuggle up with her little ones and read the day away.  Wednesday is just perfect for sweats (or shall we use the more flattering term "yoga pants"?).   A cozy, comfy, "the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful" day. 

Perhaps things will shift a bit now that Monday School is finished for the year.   Maybe Monday will become my comfy day.  But...I don't know.  I couldn't say.  There's something about that midway point, that halfway-day in the midst of all those weekdays, that just speaks to me.  That says...

Relax.  Unwind.  Take a deep breath.  

Just be.


Ol' Dad said...

Go for it, Mindy!

For me there's been an ongoing conflict between "doing things" and "just being" for years. Some folks feel guilty if they are not busy doing things. After all, what would other people think?

Maybe you could call "What I Wore Wednesday" your "What I Would've Worn Wednesday if that was My Day".

Hang in there. You need some rest and comfort time in addition to all the busy time.

Joy said...

Full credit for limiting to one day a week, pick Tuesday or Thursday ~ and keep your cozy home day intact.