Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 16, 1974

On this day a few decades ago, something huge happened.  Well, it was hugely significant for me, and for more than a few other people.  This is the day that my husband was born.

I myself wasn't alive at that time; I don't know what the weather was like or how the room's atmosphere felt.  I couldn't say how the news was delivered, whether or not he was sleepy that first day  he saw sunlight.

I imagine him blinking his newborn-gray eyes, stretching a bit, looking around.  Wrapped in a blue blanket with a tiny hat on his head, a little startled at his sudden change in circumstance.  Curious, of course...always curious.

What I know for certain is this:  my love came into the world that day.  Bursting forth to change the lives of his parents...in fact, everyone who would come to know and love him.

Most especially me.

 Brown hair.  Eyes now blue.  Tall with a warm smile.  Quick to laugh.  Active father.  Disciple of Christ.

This man is such a blessing to me: the way he leads our family, the way he raises our children, the way he loves me.  I am so thankful for him, so awed that I was allowed to be his wife, and so ready to celebrate this gift.

Because of these things, I will always say a prayer of thanks for...

...April 16, 1974.

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Mama said...

That was truly a special day. We are so thankful for him too. Happy Birthday, Jeff!