Thursday, April 11, 2013

not yet

My 3-year-old had come downstairs just after I sat down to watch 30 minutes of a Civil War documentary I'm crawling through.   She had a few things to say to me as she joined me on the couch, so I paused my film and listened to her.  We discussed her favorite, Pink Bear, and she told me how pretty my hair looked today.

After a minute or two she paused and I asked, "Shall we keep watching the show now?"  As I held up the remote control, she beamed and answered me:

"But I not done talking yet."

She wasn't finished; she had more on her mind and on her heart.

So I listened.  I won't lie; I was a little wistful about something I'd been looking forward to doing.  I do want to see my movie.

But it turned out that her shining eyes and infectious smile were much more engaging.

There may come a time when she's not so interested in chatting away the afternoon with me.  When she doesn't reach for my hand or stroke my hair while she murmurs, "Me love you."

There may come a time when she doesn't want to spend her free time with me.  But that time isn't here yet.

Not yet.


Joy said...

Beautiful reflection!

Mama said...

How true. Enjoy those moments. Time goes by way too fast.

Bonny said...

I have three kids, two of which are teenagers, and I can tell you that I really cherish the time I have left with the youngest before he abandons his Momma for friends like the older boys have done, but every once in a blue moon the older boys will ask if I want to watch them play a video game or tell me about what is going on in their lives, and they have my undivided attention. I never knew the time would go so very fast.

Traci K. said...

Good for you, Mindy!
Making the choice to be present is sometimes hard - but you're doing well!